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Hi y'all! Lauren here! Growing up in a family pretty much of all boys (4 brothers + my pops), my Mom and I always needed our girl time and would often find that to be over a day of shopping. I mean, what girl doesn’t love shopping? Fashion is something I have always been passionate about ever since I realized the confidence that a powerful outfit can bring you. If someone feels good in what they are wearing, it can truly shift their mood and mindset.

When I had the idea to open up Juliet, I wished for every woman to experience this feeling of confidence through an empowering outfit and if I can be even a little part of that for you, I would be overjoyed. I immediately knew my Mom would be on board, so we took a leap of faith in what is now Juliet, our baby! Fun fact: the name Juliet is my middle name and where the name comes from!

My Mom and I have always been all about creating that fun and extra look to make a statement. We love looking for that "showstopper" look for that special event- whatever it may be. When thinking of what we wanted Juliet to represent and how it would fit us, we knew vibrant, classy and fun was the motto we were going for. Vibrant and full of color, fun and playful, and always classy. 

I am a senior in college and working Juliet out of a storage unit here in Lubbock, TX, while my Mom does most of the background work back home in Austin, TX. We are so happy you popped in and I hope you can find the perfect outfit for whatever the occasion may be that will make you radiate confidence and feel good in your own skin!!



The Jones' Girls

--where pink is our neutral --